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Corporate Profile

“Reveur Entertainments Private Limited” is incorporated in India in 2016. The company is into a business of providing job/ audition updates/ alerts to fresh as well as the experienced artist who are working in the entertainment industry. The quality we value the most respects our pride in the business.

General Business Activities

We Provide Audition/ Job updates and alerts to fresh as well as experienced talent/ artist and also provide talent/ artist hunt option to Film Maker’s, Agency’s, Production houses, Freelance Casting Directors and Coordinators from Entertainment industry.

Casting and Model Management Service. A casting of artists/ model’s for Films, TV Serials, Short Films, Documentary, Advertisement, Photoshoot/ Print shoot, Events.

We also offer other Services Like,

  • Professional Portfolio Creation of Artist and Other Photography Services.
  • Arrange Celebrities for Promotional Events, Films, Product launch, Store launch or Ribbon Cutting, Functions, Parties, Wedding, Award Shows, Campaigning, Brand Endorsement, Sports Events etc.
  • Set Platform for talent/ artist in the industry by providing him/ her professional guidance through our Talent Management Service.
  • Event Management.
  • Branding.
  • All Pre and Post Production works in Entertainment Industry.
  • Finance or Arrange Financers/ Producers/ Investors for Film, TV Serials, Short Film, Documentary and Other Projects.
  • Provide easy Search Option to clients for finding Agency, School’s (entertainment), Institute’s, Fashion/ Accessories store’s, health/ wellness centers and entertainment places. 


“To provide ethical representation, To create and facilitate development in the entertainment industry which provides a platform to both individuals and companies at a global level”


“To become the biggest company known for talent hiring platform which fulfills the desire of an artist’s/ talent’s associated to this Industry”


Reveur Entertainments Pvt Ltd view of Sustainability remains to need to ensure Long-term, Balanced profitability through innovative ideas and redevelopments, without compromising and neglecting Short-term competitiveness. The needs of all Clients under Reveur Entertainments Pvt Ltd Company and our Responsibilities to the Environment, Society and Future Generations are considered in our Business Processes, as we recognize that these will be the Source of our ongoing and Continued Success. 

Reveur Entertainments Pvt Ltd Committed to Ensuring Value for all Models, Casting Models, Clients, Staff & Affiliates and maintaining the Highest Moral and  Ethical Standards.

Core Values

  1. Being committed and always searching for improvement.
  2. Delivering on commitments.
  3. Leveraging the strength of different cultures and granting all parties a forum to air their opinions and engage in discussion.
  4. The belief in equal opportunity and development for all with a reward in relation to responsibility.
  5. Promoting and enforcing an environment of mutual respect and courtesy.
  6. Acting in direct accordance with the highest possible ethical standards.
  7. Having a sense of optimism and enthusiasm to spend energy and time voluntarily.
  8. Consistently striving to break new ground with innovation and creativity.

Management Strength

  • A Standard Setting Management
  • Sound Internal Control
  • Effective Relationship Maintenance
  • Knowledge of the Business

Success Factors

  • Self-critical Professionalism
  • Energy and Drive
  • Innovative Differentiation
  • High-Quality Control Procedures
  • Exceeding Services
  • Relevance
  • Passion

Code of Ethics

Reveur Entertainments Pvt Ltd remains comprehensively committed to Business Integrity. In support of this commitment, the management of Reveur Entertainments Subscribes to the Highest Standards in all categories of the business and the ongoing Development of Best Practices. Reveur Entertainments Pvt Ltd has adopted this stance aimed at creating an environment of the highest standards of ethics & uncompromising honesty among all employees and clients. Reveur Entertainments Pvt Ltd is founded and developed on the principles of integrity, good faith, and impartiality. 


Reveur Entertainments Pvt Ltd is strongly driven by its desire to provide and facilitate the right service to the respective target market and its skill in achieving this objective has resulted in major and future growth prospects. Our strategy remains anchored in the business of talent hiring platform, casting and model/ talent management. Reveur Entertainments Pvt Ltd has continued with our strategy of reinventing, consolidating and revitalizing our services. Our expansion plans will be carefully considered in the context of our Capabilities, Capacity & Transferability of these to New Businesses or Markets. We keep abreast of the rapid developments that take place in the corporate arena and constantly review and upgrade ourselves to tackle these developments in the most effective manner.


We have created job portal which Provides Audition/ Job updates and alerts to fresh as well as experienced talent/ artist and also provide talent/ artist hunt option to Film Maker’s, Agency’s, Production houses, Freelance Casting Directors and Coordinators from the entertainment industry.


We are into below services as well,

 1)  Casting and Model Management
 2)  Celebrity and Talent Management
 3)  Event Management
 4)  Branding
 5)  Portfolio Creation and Photography
 6)  Pre and Post Production Work
 7)  Finance or Arrange Financers/ Producers/ Investors
 8)  Search Portal option for clients who somehow connected to Entertainment Industry

Business Partners/ Brands

We are connected to experienced and much-known people from the Entertainment Industry. Very soon our tie-up continues to appear on our website. 



Management Directory


Managing Director 

Mr. Rakesh Hankare
MBA Finance



Executive Director 

Mr. Yogesh Hankare

Contact Details

TEL : + 0251 230 4377