Model Safety

Fake Director’s/ Casting Director’s/ Agency’s Using Social Media

Reveur Entertainments NEVER selects model through Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, or Other Social Media Accounts Or Apps. If you have been contacted by someone through Social Media claiming to be a Director’s/ Casting Director’s/ Associate Agency’s for us they are FAKE. Please DO NOT send your Photos or Engages in conversation with Fake Scouts as it could be Potentially Dangerous.

Please note the links to our OFFICIAL Social Media Accounts located on the bottom right-hand corner of this Website.

Instant Messaging Safely

  • People online are not necessarily who they say they are or seem to be.
  • Never give out passwords or other private data. 
  • Block strangers. Even apparently innocent information like the Name, Company can be used by fraudsters.
  • Never click on links that you receive through instant messaging from people that you do not know and trust, and that you have never met in real life.
  • Leave your online Profile blank, or where you have to enter data to use the system, enter fictitious data.
  • Do not use others System, Mobiles to log on to Website and Messaging Application. If you use, change the password immediately.
  • Messenger is not Encrypted so do not use it to transmit information such as credit card numbers or other sensitive information.
  • Verify the information you receive on Messenger. In particular, check any security ‘advice’ you get.
  • Do not let your children use instant messaging and chat groups/ rooms unsupervised.
  • Online chat rooms – accessible through instant messaging – can be undesirable places.


GET Selected By The World’s Best Film Makers/ Casting Director’s/ Agency’s/ Production House’s 

  • Welcomes Models Of All Ages, Sizes, And Heights.
  • Submitting Your Photos/ Profile To Is Safe, Secure, And Confidential.
  • Be Seen Today By Top Film Makers/ Director’s/ Casting Director’s/ Agency’s From The Comfort And Privacy Of Your Own Home.
  • No Need To Worry Auditions
  • Professional Photos Not Required (No Selfie’s Please)
  • No Experience Necessary